I will never forget last night (expect for the parts I already have). I hope you had a great “mother fucking birthday”, as you exclaimed multiple times to everyone in Mount Airy. I don’t want you to leave tomorrow, but I know you have to and I will be in Seattle with you in two weeks! I’m pretty sure we drank every major liquor there is. It was both our first times at a casino and we truly did wreck shit.  (at Mount Airy Casino Resort)
Marcelene the vampire queen.

“I feel very low in myself. I can’t see much in the future, and I feel that any second something terrible is going to happen to me.
A Clockwork Orange (1971) dir. Stanley Kubrick
"We lost our love
like I lose my keys,
I find myself
fumbling around for an extra
twenty minutes
begging for something
that isn’t there.
I can’t accept defeat
I reason with fate
I bargain with lady luck,
I still end up
empty handed."

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ALWAYS MAD about things I can’t change

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So why is one considered ‘inappropriate’ and the other accepted? Stop sexualising my body. 
I wonder this too. Why is it a man’s breast and nipple are okay to show but a woman’s breast and nipple isn’t.

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I always thought this too…

Panorama 1914_blended_fused small on Flickr.
Via Flickr: Philadelphia Museum of Art 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy Philadelphia, PA ‎ Copyright © 2012, Bob Bruhin. All rights reserved. (via fork.cc/1cufvWI)